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Outside my open window a light breeze is blowing and an occasional red tail hawk sweeps over with light shining through her rust red tail. For me, writing is a way of reaching out to others, to people I don't know. I sit alone, in silence, but all that time I’m out there, connecting with whoever reads my words.  

Four decades ago I began writing and publishing and made the decision to call myself a writer. I spent the first twenty years as a freelance writer, writing feature articles and penning columns. My readership grew and I published my first book, a memoir. And then a new path opened when I began receiving invitations from other authors inviting me to contribute chapters to books and anthologies offering a collective of writers. Searching for a place to stand in the literary world I discovered what I enjoy most is storytelling and being part of a collective of voices, collaborating with other writers, with each of us writing our single story, working together to bring forth a whole. In addition to my solo work, I'm a contributing author of 15 books. 

There have been years when I wrote within the nooks and crannies of my life. Along the way I have worked with American Indian Health, within a program offering spiritual connection and Indian doctoring for Native Americans living with AIDS. As a director with Hospice and a Pediatric Brain Tumor organization. As a coordinator in South Korea with a family exchange program. At a Youth Crisis Shelter for homeless teens. As a volunteer with CASA as a Court Appointed Special Advocate with at-risk and foster youth in transition. In schools and within Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers mentoring core. And as a mother and grandmother I wrote with a baby on my lap, dogs at my feet, with the cat walking across my keyboard. 

In my life a host of good writers, teachers, editors and publishers have crossed my path, always showing up at the right time. For every success we have I believe it is important to remember how we got there. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all that I have without the steadfast guidance from teams of good people who gave their time to me, mentoring, shepherding and guiding me along. I owe an extraordinary debt to all of my teachers, editors and readers who have taught me many wise things about writing, publishing and life.  

It’s a great privilege to have readers. Thank you for being one of them. 

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