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Pushing up the Sky
“Terra Trevor’s ‘Pushing up the Sky’ is a revelation of the struggles and triumphs packed into the hyphens between Korean and Native American and American. From her, we learn that adoption can best be mutual, that the adoptive parent needs acculturation in the child’s ways. With unflinching honesty and unfailing love, Trevor details the risks and heartaches of taking in, the bittersweetness of letting go, and the everlasting bonds that grow between them all. With ‘Pushing up the Sky’ the ‘literature of adoption’ comes of age as literature, worthy of an honored place in the human story.” 
—Robert Bensen  
editor of Children of the Dragonfly: Native American Voices on Child Custody and Education, 
The University of Arizona Press

Pushing up the Sky, tells Terra Trevor's motherhood story of challenge, joy and deep loss. She is currently at work on a memoir focusing on friendships with the elder Native women who came into her life after that difficult period. Over three decades, these women lifted her from grief, instructed her in living, and showed her how to age from youth into beauty. Reflections on the deep power of female friendship, on losing a child, reconciling complicated roots, and finding richness in living every stage of life, these stories show us the end is always a beginning. Forthcoming.

Tending The Fire: Native Voices and Portraits 
University of New Mexico Press 

Children of the Dragonfly: Native American Voices on Child Custody and Education 
The University of Arizona Press 

The People Who Stayed: Southeastern Indian Writing After Removal 
University of Oklahoma Press 

Birthed From Scorched Hearts: Women Respond to War 
Fulcrum Books

Unraveling the Spreading Cloth of Time: Indigenous Thoughts Concerning the Universe
Renegades Planet Publishing 

The Foster Parenting Tool Box 
EMK Press 

In the Veins: Lost Children of the Indian Adoption Projects
Blue Hand Books

Childhood Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors: A Guide For Families, Friends and Caregivers 
Childhood Cancer Guides

Voices Confronting Pediatric Brain Tumors 
Johns Hopkins University Press

Unpapered: Writers Consider Native American Identity and Cultural Belonging 
Forthcoming from BkMk Press, University of Missouri-Kansas

Take a Stand: Art Against Hate 
Forthcoming from Raven Chronicles Press

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