Essays and Stories

The Writing Life Earth and the Great Sea Journal

Race, Ethnicity and My Face Santa Clara Review

Dancing to Remember News From Native California

Tomol Evening News From Native California

Tomol Trek News From Native California

Author Terra Trevor turns to themes of motherhood
Essays with themes of motherhood, race and identity, foster care, transracial adoption, community and family ties.

My Journey Toward Less Be More With Less

We Who Walk the Seven Ways: Memoir | Native Studies

University of Nebraska Press Contributing Author
Unpapered: Writer's Consider Native American Identity and Cultural Belonging

University of New Mexico Press Contributing Author
Tending the Fire: Native Voices and Portraits

University of Oklahoma Press Contributing Author
The People Who Stayed: Southeastern Indian Writing After Removal

The University of Arizona Press Contributing Author
Children of the Dragonfly: Native American Voices on Child Custody and Education

Johns Hopkins University Press Contributing Author
Voices Confronting Pediatric Brain Tumors 

NIB Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics

Craft, Community and the Art of the Essay 

A Guide for Families Friends and Caregivers

KAAN: Korean American Adoptee Adoptive Family Network

Adoption Today and Fostering Families Contributing Writer, 2000-2015
Feature articles and essays focusing on race, identity, adoption, foster care
Adoptive Families Magazine Contributing Writer, 1995-2012 
Feature Articles and Columnist 

Essays with themes of adoption and foster care

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